Monday, October 21, 2013

Week Two Yoga Challenge

Three legged dog  and Child's pose

Since my first week of challenging myself to practice one yoga pose, downward facing dog, was such a success for me, I've decided to add two more asanas to my daily practice.  My intention is not to dive into yoga too fast, but to add these two poses that will naturally integrate into downward dog, which I've grown comfortable with.  The plan is to start in child's pose, enter into downward facing dog, and evolve into three legged dog, ending in child's pose once again.  

Tri Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana

Three Legged Dog pose


Child's Pose

Update 1 week later:  

I must confess that I have not delved into this week's yoga challenge as wholeheartedly as the first.  I fully intended to add in some more thorough explanations for these two poses, and to practice them religiously every day.  But alas, life has been busy, and I missed several days of yoga practice.  It's just a bump in the road, and I must now backtrack as I come to the realization that the fact that life feels so busy is all the more reason to take at least 5 minutes a day to practice yoga, as well as breathing and relaxation (it's a package deal, really).  

For this reason I will continue along this week with downward dog, three legged dog, and child's pose, so that I can truly learn and explore these asanas.  Even though I have the next pose planned out in my mind, part of this experience is to learn to slow down, and not get ahead of myself, which leads to me getting overwhelmed, and stopping progress.  This is a learning experience that I want to be devoted too, and hope that it can someday help others as well!  Namaste!

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