Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chicken Keeper? Or..... Crazy Chicken Lady?

Chicken Salad

You see, my fellow chicken keepers (and crazy chicken people), I've started to do something that I fear might be crossing the line into crazychickenladydom.  I've started to create "chicken salads" for my spoiled flock.  Not only do I want to give them healthy treats, I'm actually feeling downright inspired in the kitchen.  

Recently, as I was preparing my harvested parsley to be hung and dried, I got tired of bundling them and decided to cut the rest up to give to my chickens as a treat.  Then, I thought I might as well add those cucumber seeds that I had just cut out of my 10 month old son's cucumber sticks.  It looked and smelled delightful, so I took a picture.  I was proud.  The chickens appreciated the love that I had poured into making that special salad.  Or maybe they just liked the food.

Today, I confess, I cut up the rest of our slightly withered grapes to give to them, and once again felt a burst of inspiration.  I decided to garnish those grapes with nutritious omega-3 boosting sprouted flaxseed powder!  Naturally, I took another photo before bringing them outside.

Miss Red Hen, who is a bit of a loner lately, greeted me excitedly.  She was a little upset that I dumped them out onto the ground.  I think she wanted to eat out of that pink bowl.  Slightly skeptical since she's never tried grapes or flaxseed before, she pecked at a cucumber seed, and ran to tell the others like a good little messenger chicken.

What do you think?  Am I crazy?  Or just crazy about chicken health and happiness?  If I add a tab to my blog that says, "Chicken Recipes," I may just need an intervention.

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