Sunday, October 6, 2013

From Chicks to Hens (and mostly roosters)

Awww, look at these babies.  I never got any pics of them when they were really tiny and fluffy, but here's when I moved them into their little coop.  From left to right is Zee, a cochin (and now a known rooster), Sparkles, another cochin or cochin mix (named by my 4 yr old, and, unfortunately a rooster), Haterina, a barred rock pullet, Miss Red hen, a red star pullet, and "Chicken Food," who was given the ironic name by my 6 yr old daughter.  It's ironic, because he is definitely a rooster, and the biggest of the bunch-a white Rock.  He'd make a good meal, that's what I'm getting at.  But alas, my bleeding heart is going to keep him as our one and only roo because he is BFFs with Miss Red Hen.

Free ranging with the kiddos!  I never realized that chickens make awesome pets until I got these guys and gals.

 My oldest daughter with her beloved Miss Red Hen, the most tolerant chicken ever.

Roosters, Sparkles and Zee.  We'll be saying farewell to them later today, and hello to 4 laying black sex-link hens!

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