Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Harvest

We're having gorgeous weather here in Maine.  It's been unseasonably warm.  The temps are starting to drop, but many plants are still very happy here in my little garden patch.

                                                      This swiss chard, for example.

And the beets.  This one seems to be saying, "Harvest me, already!"

What's that I see???  Is there an actual cabbage head forming after being eaten by some kind of bug or worm all summer??  This red cabbage has a will to live.  The nasturtiums surrounding it were planted later in the summer, and the cabbage only began thriving after it established.  Coincidence?  Or accidental companion planting?  Either way, I think I'll pair them up again next year.  They're buddies.

And here we have some happy little misplaced parsley, which has seized the opportunity to grow now that the summer squash has been spent.

And the star of the fall harvest is..... Butternut squash!  My personal fave. 

What's your favorite cool weather crop?  Anyone planting a fall garden, or still harvesting the goods of your summer garden?

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