Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The New Girls

As I mentioned in my second post on this elusive new blog of mine, we recently said goodbye to our two cochin roosters, and acquired 4 black sex-link hens.  These girls are a couple of years old, and were given to us by a local farmer who likes to rotate his flock when their egg laying days begin to decline.  These gals are no spring chickens, but they were free, and this guy needed some more hens around.  Handsome young rooster, he is.

Here are the 4 ladies, one of whom seems to be molting.

As you can see, they have integrated nicely into the flock.

And here we have the "new" chicken coop.  If it seems to resemble an outhouse, well, that's because that's what it was originally built to become.  Don't worry, the guy we got it from assured us that it was never utilized for that purpose.  It's still quite rustic- we just painted it white, and added a roost for now. The chickens seem happy.  Since it was new territory for both the 4 new chickens, and our 3 original chickens, we were able to just put them all in there together at night, and no fights broke out.  They've been friends ever since.

Chicken I-Spy, anyone?  Terrible camouflage job, right?

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