Friday, April 4, 2014

Dear Violet

Dear Violet,

I'm sorry for accusing you of of not really being pregnant. You see, when I brought you home last December, I was informed that you were due in March. My impatient mind interpreted that to mean the beginning of March.

I also looked for evidence of your pregnancy as the months passed. Feeling your sides, like a giddy mother-to-be, I just knew that I felt babies. This brand new goat owner did not realize, that you were probably just ruminating. Yes, that was digestion happening. Confirmed when I felt the same motions happening in Snowdrop, who was definitely not bred.

Your udder seemed to grow in late February. But it wasn't huge. So was I just hopefully imagining symptoms of kids to come? Meanwhile, your belly was not huge. Not getting any bigger... actually, it seemed smaller. Did you drop? Maybe there were no babies at all! Maybe there was just one little one in there?

You didn't look pregnant
Maybe just one baby in there???
 As the days passed, March continued to be very lion-like, and I grew somewhat despondent. What was I doing, anyway? Trying to raise three (human) kids, and acquiring bred goats who aren't even pregnant. I thought that, maybe I just didn't have the time to balance the responsibilities of farming with young children. Other homesteading moms can do it, but maybe not me.... it's so easy to get sucked into the downward spiral of fear and negative emotions...

But I WANTED to learn to milk a goat, and experience the birth of of kids. And I wanted it NOW!

I had to let go of that yearning for instant gratification. And when I did, BAM!!!

This is how your udder appeared on March 31. Let me reiterate that it was the very last day of the month that you were due to kid. Just so you can appreciate the irony. I wanted to laugh, and cry at the same time. Surely this was a good sign!

Thanks for not only waiting until the last day of March to have your baby, but going into labor on one of the coldest, windiest, sleetiest days ever. Funny. My muscles are still sore from being tensed up from the cold, and anticipation, as I helped you dry off your shivering kid. I also thought that I would have plenty of time to get my own kids settled before coming out to see yours being born. That was another joke. Because your little "Lightning Bolt" was fast!

In all seriousness Violet, you are the perfect first goat. You're been patient with me all along, and continue to be, as I learn with good intentions.

You are an experienced, and attentive mother. 

You let me learn to milk you, even though I still do not have a proper milking stand. That's a whole other post, though.

Thank you, for being such a good goat mentor. Yes, I know that goat mentors are usually people, but I seem to learn the best from you.

Okay, so I know you can't read all of this, so I'll probably just go out and give you some banana peels. You like those. You deserve them, because you make cute babies, and delicious milk!

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  1. Hi there! I stopped by from the Hen House Hop (hosted by Our Homestead on the Hillside). What an amazing surprise you have here! The new baby is too cute :) Hope the mama is doing well.