Saturday, November 9, 2013

Yogurt for Chickens

A tasty and beneficial treat!

Many of us "chicken people" find joy in treating our feathered friends.  Some of us *ahem* even go so far as to prepare special chicken salads for their appreciative pets  livestock.  

I'm slightly new to the art job of chicken-keeping, so I tend to get overly enthusiastic about feeding treats to the chickens.  What can I say, it makes me feel important when they all come running to me the second I step outside.  I know they're really just using me for my food, but I choose to be delusional and think that they love me.  They really love me!

Can you see the love?

Perhaps this look of adoration could be interpreted as a look of, "put the darn camera down and feed me," but whatever.

The more these chicks (and rooster) appreciatively hungrily gobble up the special treats that I give them, the more fun I have obsessing over finding new foods to give them that are fun and healthy.  

I swear I will stop putting lines through my words now.  Moving on...

My newest treat obsession= Yogurt!  They love it.  And so do I.  I eat the plain, whole milk kind, so that's what they are getting as well.  

Sometimes they like it mixed with oatmeal.  And sometimes they indulge in a fancy, gourmet salad comprised of strawberry tops, yogurt, and flax.  

I would even eat it, if it weren't for the green stuff.  Check it out!  

I think the flock felt special, eating this.  And I felt like a gourmet chicken chef. 

 Just let me be delusional.  Simple pleasures, my friends.  

Why feed yogurt to your flock?

1.  They like it

2.  Digestion-improving, health-boosting, probiotics (they're good for chickens, too!)

3.  Calcium (you know, the stuff their shells are made of?)

Do your chickens indulge in yogurt treats?

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