Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Story of Lonely Goldie

This Spring, I bought a few new pullets to replenish my flock...

The three baby chicks are growing fast... I think they're a couple months now...I lost track....

Goldie continues to keep watch over the chick run, and can usually be seen lingering right outside of it (enjoying their company, yet ready to peck them at a moment's notice lol).

A little back info. on "Goldie": She didn't start out as my chicken; she actually belonged to my neighbor, across the road, and free-ranged on many acres of land with a flock of hens just like her. Eventually Goldie and her flock began migrating to our humble speck of property, spending more and more time here, until they had completely adopted us. For awhile, the hens were only returning home to lay their eggs. Then they started laying their eggs here... it was awkward...

Why did they cross the road? I think they chose our tiny flake of earth over the hundred acres they had access to because of all the exciting biodiversity here lol... i.e., goats, chickens (who are sadly no longer with us due to crossing the road themselves), bunnies, etc. Anyway, they chose to sleep here and spend most of their time, whilst still crossing the road whenever they pleased, which is why only Lonely Goldie remains.

She's always been a free ranger, and she's likely at least a few years old... I'm not sure I'll be able to confine her to the bigger run we're setting up for the chicks and have her still be happy. I'll just have to wait and see I suppose.

There you have it. The story of Lonely Goldie wink emoticon

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