Friday, June 6, 2014

Springtime update: The learning curve

Things could be better here on the microfarm. And things will be better...sometime...hopefully sooner than later.

By better, I mean, more productive. Right now, we're bordering somewhere on potential, and utter failure. But hey, there's a learning curve for every undertaking, right? You win some, you lose some. If I try to predict the future productiveness here, my neurotic mind will likely take me somewhere I don't want to be... that dark place where chickens eat my garden, and don't lay eggs for me. If you read on, you'll see that I'm possibly not so far off.

We're currently keeping just two chickens. Two young hens, in their prime laying years. But I'm sadly lacking eggs, right now. Why is that? My Barred Rock has gone broody, and sits with pure dedication on an empty nest. There is no time to lay eggs, when trying to hatch invisible ones, you know.

Dedicated, or confused?

And what about Miss Red Hen, the Red Star, of a breed that lays prolifically? I don't know. She won't tell me. Secret nest? Still lightly molting? Maybe she'll tell you, but for me, she won't divulge that information.

What's her excuse?

But LOOK! More chickens! Sorry, these are the neighbor chickens, who only come over to eat layer pellets, and poop everywhere. If they'd be kind enough to leave me a fertile egg to put under my broody hen, that would be nice. I let them stay, because chickens eat ticks, and ticks scare me. On the bright side, this rooster does not attack my children.

So no farm fresh eggs right now *tears streaming*. What about the garden? Fresh veggies? Well, there is potential there. If chickens and cats are kind enough to let my seedlings grow.

Tread lightly...

Thank you, Milo. By the way, does anyone know if dandelions are considered a companion plant? Because if they are, I'm doing great!

Happy Tomato Plant, Happy Dandelion.

So now you must be wondering, "What about all that fresh milk you're getting from you're recently freshened goat?"

Well, lets just say that I am a bleeding heart, who doesn't like to separate babies from their moms at night, with a very, very fat buckling.

So things aren't perfect right now. I'm trying to balance motherhood, and farmhood... and sanehood. I'm hopeful, though. And learning. What about you, my fellow imperfect farmers?


  1. That's exactly what worries me about raising either cows or goats for milks. I think I would have a very very hard time separating them. Hooray for a broody!! :) Do you have a small family-owned feed store around you? The ones around us sell fertile eggs. If they don't sell them, they may know someone who does. You're going to laugh, but the owner of the Laundromat in the town next to us sells both pullets and fertile eggs. You can get more than clean clothes there!! :)

    1. Yes, I haven't figured out the whole separating thing... just that I don't want to do it ;). That's so funny about the laundromat!

  2. oh friend, I feel your pain! hang in there it will all come together *wink*...
    and... dandelions are perfect in every garden not only are they a superb fertilizer but they also contain liberal amounts of copper, calcium and potash AND a hogwash of various vitamins which help build up the soil to encourage the plants to crop and mature well and even make them taste better!!
    Perfect for an organic farmer - dont you think??
    *sigh*... I so love reading your posts
    Be blessed beautiful soul xxx
    oh and yes - they are perfect companion plants for fruit trees

    1. Thank you, Thank you! I know dandelions are SO under-rated, but I didn't know all that!